Who are we?

Our beginnings

Back in the spring of 96, ajoblanco published the mythical special that brought a hemp seed and with which I was impressed, with that magazine something germinated in me. The curiosity to want to know more led me to read every book, magazine or information that was available, in a short time I was growing a multitude of varieties, and immediately at the hands of a friend, we began to preserve mothers and maintain genetics. With the popularization of the Internet there was more and more information. Clubfumeta and especially cannabiscafe were places where I spent a lot of time and also where I started exchanging genetics.

I intend with Author Seeds to have a company that integrates a small community of breeders / breeders that relies on Geneticists, Researchers and laboratories for and for the preservation of Cannabis races, for which I start a research program in different branches and with different Anandalaba Laboratories and Cannabis Collectives (blog… Micro-markers, stabilization, genetic improvement, trait fixation. Genetic conservation) in order to give scientific criteria to a work that did not have it before, to use all that science to be able to innovate in the selection processes , genetic improvement of traits or enhance certain cannabinoid profiles.

Projects I+D

Varieties Tintin Genetics

Like any breeder and consumer I have looked for flavors and effects that caught my attention, in my beginnings I simply crossed varieties to test their possibilities, later with feminization, I began to try S1 and crosses in feminized ones.

Nowadays I have managed to fix traits that I wanted to print in my previous varieties created for the old society. Now I have evolved as a breeder and I offer in Author seed the genetic improvement works on my previous feminized varieties. And adding new ones to work on based on old school genetics (Blog .. Mazar jack herer / conservation / improvement / fixation traits) or like the new Tintinkush using the latest American and European varieties but always a personal touch that defines a specific objective. .

In the regular seed format (males / females) we hope to surprise you with different lines from Old school genetics and stable males with which to start multiple breeding programs and offer other already established ones…. (Blog..These next few years we hope to offer regular varieties that he has created for the last 10 years with males such as Tanngie, Laos (landerace), Larry Og, Purpel tinecensis, Grand flora, Cbd Project Male, Blue Autoflower Male, Deep chunk, Haplant, rosseta stone, c99, …)

Highryder Mass

Tintin Kush


Sweet One

Gratitudes and collaborations

Thank people like Sancanuto (Aicc), SpookGirl (aicc), Somny (Aicc), Mario Bellandi Delicatessen seeds, Grow Shop Plantat, Akhen Geneseeds bank, Kaiki cannabiogen as well as various organizations such as Alacannabis, Cannabiscafe, Thc Valencia, riff Club, Papilon Cannabica, Soft Secrets special mention to the anonymous growers who have been conserving genetics for years and sharing them with the community, without which these collectable seeds or any other would not exist.

Business Curriculum

In 2008, together with two partners, he founded the Sibaritas grow shop, which in a short time became a benchmark for many expert growers and amateurs who were looking for unconventional varieties from American, English and Canadian seed banks that I tried hard to find to offer what more leading in varieties that were difficult to find in Spain at that time. (BLOG .. This made me even more knowledgeable about varieties from all over the world expanding my already extensive cannabis background TGA CALi, bhodi, dj short)

At that time I already had my own crosses of regular genetics (male / female) from my years of cultivation and exchange of genetics in CannabisCafe, seeing the explosion of feminized seed banks I convinced myself to master the feminization technique to be able to create and preserve genetics in feminized format.
The first feminized seeds were given to clients and friends of the grow shop who verified both the high quality obtained and the stability of the new feminized seeds.

So in 2010 the Xtremeseeds seed bank was presented at the Valencia GrowMed fair, which it merges with my partners from Sibaritasgrow and my collection of varieties / crosses, after several years working in partnership and for different reasons I decided to create my own company of seeds and leave previous society

My new Company was presented in 2017 as Tintin Genetics at Spannabis Barcelona, ​​the name came up since everyone knows me as Tintin and I wanted to give the new company a personal touch.

Given that we could have future problems with the Tintin figure, I decided to change the name of the seed bank to Author Seeds, which very well identifies my philosophy of giving room to the small independent breeder who creates his own varieties, preserving specimens not only for their commercial purpose.

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